Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hidden Talent: The Pablo Collective - "The Death Of Pablo"

A group of independent, experimental musicians band together to make a conceptual music project inspired by the concept and mentality behind Kanye West's controversial "The Life Of Pablo".  How do you continue talking about such a concept?

This four-track album (the shortest track length is about 14 minutes), believe it or not, does not sound like a barrage of incomprehensible hip-hop beats; instead, it's more ethereal, intriguing, and in some cases, startling and terrifying.

The first track ends with a spoken-word message insisting that the album "really matters, and in a sense, it really doesn't matter", just as long as it sparks creativity and motivation from those who listen to it, even from people who hate it.  The entire album, besides being a bizarre dissection of Kanye's troubled mentality, death, the purpose of art and music, and anything else you want to attach to the album, is a radical piece of art and sound collage that definitely deserves all of the attention it hopefully gets.  There's no other album that has sounded like this so far this decade.  That's something.

Listen to the album here: https://thepablocollective.bandcamp.com/releases

And check out all of the musicians and artists who helped piece this album together: Tau-9, BPhax, Install A Friend, Nimnohi, Weird Drum Patterns, Lil Pacha, Kami Sutra, Human12, Ultima, Choof, and Riceball Jones.

These guys are going places (hopefully).

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